I’m sexy.

I really wish you’d call me back when you say you’re going to go and you hear me crying.

Even if it was just to tell me again you love me, that’d make me feel so much better. But you don’t, so I sit here crying to myself, feeling like crap.

I want a boy who would hold my hand in line at the mall & make all the girls jealous. I want someone who would sing to me at random moments. Someone who is more goofy than romantic. A boy who would throw stuffed animals at me when I’m acting dumb. Someone who would bet me kisses that he could beat me at all the old playstation games and then let me win. A guy who would make fun of me just to hear my laugh. He’d play with my hair all the time & surprise me with 25 cent rings. Someone who I could share lollipops with & lay on a blanket with to count the stars. We’d buy tons of disposable cameras to take the silliest pictures of each other & squirt water guns at each other in the house. But mostly ; some who would be my best friend & would never break my heart. He would just always make me smile.
I’ll never get tired of you.
I don’t mind if we’re on the phone and not talking. As long as I hear you breathing, because that’s all I need to imagine you next to me.
Don’t keep your girl waiting.

Don’t keep her waiting. If you’ve told her that you’ll be there to see her then you better be there to see her. When you tell her that she expects you to arrive at her doorstep and greet her with a big kiss and a long hug. If you don’t then of course she will worry. Give her what she expects if possible. You may just might make the relationship that much stronger. Don’t keep her waiting. If you’re running late or ran into some problems then be straight up and tell her. Don’t be ignorant and not reply to her texts/calls. Take the extra minute to let her know that you’re running late and she’ll give you the extra comfort and care you expect as well.

I meant to say, “Please stay. I love you.” That’s all I could think in my head. But I could feel my lips open and I could hear myself say, “Alright. Go then. Bye.”
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